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More Than Just Electricity

by Marshal Albright, president/CEO – editorial from September Highline Notes

Marshal AlbrightYou might only think about CCEC when you get your bill or if the power goes out, but as a cooperative owned by our members, we strive to provide much more than just a bill. In the September issue of Highline Notes, we feature many of the products and services we have available for our members.

The following are some of the services CCEC members can use:
Members and the public can view a plethora of information about the cooperative located on our web site at

Account information update
In today’s world, having the ability to access electronic information is critical to remain informed. On our web site, you can update your email and phone information so we can keep you informed of outages and other important issues that may affect your service.

Online account access
New members can sign up for electric service online. Existing members can access account information through SmartHub and pay bills online.

Save money
If you have a concern about your electric bill, we have employees who can help you understand your bill and evaluate potential ways to save. If you are building a new home or shop, our off-peak programs may help you save both money and energy. We offer a free energy analysis to help you make an informed decision, considering the latest energy prices and trends. As a member of CCEC, you receive a Cooperative Connections card offering local discounts to participating businesses.

Commitment to Community
Operation Round Up is a foundation supported by the members of CCEC that is funded by rounding up your electric bill to the nearest dollar. Over $2.5 million has gone back into the community to help individuals and nonprofit organizations in need. Additionally, to continue our support for education and workforce development, CCEC donates a $1,000 scholarship to each of the thirteen high schools in our service area through the Dollars for Scholars program.

Prairie Sun Community Solar
As a participant, you purchase the solar output at today’s rate and receive a credit on your bill for the 20-year term of the project. To participate or learn more, visit kwh. com/solar.

Capital Credits
Capital credits are your return on investment in CCEC. Throughout the year, we track how much electricity you buy and how much money you pay for it. At the end of the year, we complete our financial matters and determine whether there are excess revenues, called margins. Then we allocate the margins to members as capital credits based upon their use of electricity during the year. When our financial condition permits, your board of directors decides to retire, or pay, the capital credits.

Cooperative difference
Cooperatives like Cass County Electric are not-for-profit businesses that operate for the benefit of their members. We don’t deal out cash to faceless investors at the end of the quarter or year. If you pay your electric bill from us each month, YOU are one of our investors. In fact, after a period of time, we give the money back to you in the form of capital credits as explained above. And guess what—that makes you an owner. Members rely on the product or service from CCEC, and CCEC relies on its members. We don’t strive for financial gain; we strive to establish relationships and strengthen communities. That’s the cooperative difference, and we’re glad that you’re a part of it.

If you would like to contact someone at CCEC with a question about your electric service, please send us an email at or call us at 1-800-248-3292 or 701-356-4400.

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