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Battling Hunger

There’s a lot to be done at the Emergency Food Pantry in Fargo. For volunteer workers, the primary task is usually to help clients. That means receiving a menu, which includes the client’s family size, ages of the family members, and food preferences or special requests. From the information on the menu, the volunteer fills a cart with food and hygiene items to suit the client’s needs as best as possible. The client is asked to join the volunteer to pick out a few items from coolers and freezers before the items are weighed and the client takes them home.

Before clients arrive, there is food to be sorted, shelves to be stocked, bags and boxes to be prepared to be filled, and much more. It’s a busy place that provides a valuable service for the community.

Recent stats show that more than 50,000 individuals receive food through the Emergency Food Pantry in a year—nearly half of those are children—and these are stats from just one of the food pantries in this region.

When it comes to fighting hunger, there are many organizations in our region that do excellent work. Cass County Electric Cooperative has had longstanding relationships with many of these groups, regularly contributing funding, time, and materials to support their efforts. Food and supply drives at CCEC offices are meant to distribute donations to agencies throughout our service territory. At least once each year, employees come together to send items to:

  • Rural Cass County Emergency Food Pantry
  • Ransom County Food Pantry
  • Barnes County Food Pantry
  • F-M Emergency Food Pantry

Each year, employees in CCEC’s member and energy services department volunteer to work shifts at the F-M Emergency Food Pantry. Employees in our corporate services department spend a day helping out at Great Plains Food Bank, an agency responsible for collecting and distributing food donations to food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, and other organizations working to feed the hungry in the area. Employees in the engineering and operations department deliver food for Meals on Wheels twice per month.

Volunteerism is a key element of CCEC’s role in the community. We not only strive to provide reliable, affordable electric service to our members, but we work to make our communities better places to live overall. Coming together to battle hunger is just one way we work to make small differences in the lives of our friends and neighbors who need a bit of extra help.

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